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    The Rising Concern of
    Accusations of a crime, especially sexual assault accusations, are on the rise.

Dealing With Accusations

One problem that isn't really talked about very much are false accusations of rape or sexual abuse. Unfortunately, there are people in the world that make false accusations against another person. They may be looking for attention or some sort of revenge on the other person. In many situations, accusations are automatically believed to be true. Here are some things to know about this recently brought-to-light issue.

  • A Growing Concern
    Sexual assault accusations are serious

    Being falsely accused of rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse is a growing concern. Unlike other crimes, rape and sexual assault are harder to prove. They are also harder to disprove. The "he said, she said" nature of rape and other sexual crimes make them difficult to debunk when the claims are based on false accusations. Making a false accusation doesn't come with a serious consequence in many cases.

  • Accusations are Devastating
    Even the innocent are affected

    If someone makes a false accusation against an innocent person, it could potentially ruin lives. Even being falsely accused of rape or a sexual crime may result in the person being fired, expelled from school, or shunned from a community. In abuse cases, if one parent is falsely accused of sexual abuse, it could be devastating to the child's relationship with the accused parent.

  • Potential Consequences
    Awareness can bring justice

    There isn't a clear system that gives out consequences to those who falsely accuse others of rape or sexual crimes. A criminal defense attorney knows the details about how consequences are determined for various crimes. In some cases, people who make false accusations can get charged with perjury in court or filing a false police report. With more awareness of the issue, consequences may increase.

Deterrents for False Accusations

There are many individuals who have had to fight huge battles against false accusations. Sadly, many people in this situation have lost in the past due to aggressive prosecution against them. Now, it's more common for legal professionals and law enforcement officers to be more aware of possible false accusations. Eventually, there will be more deterrents for this type of behavior forcing accusers to tell the truth.

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